Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We are bold. We are unique. We are inspiring. We are for all. We are Micron. Our diversity drives our innovation, leading us to new heights. Learn more in our fiscal year 2022 annual DEI report, We Are Micron.


Our diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) commitments

Micron’s bold and global DEI commitments are the roadmap for our diversity and inclusion journey. Each is assigned to a Micron executive responsible for its strategy and execution. First established two years ago, we are accelerating progress in some areas, while we can improve in others. This transparency demonstrates our advancement is a marathon and not a sprint, enabled by our tenacity value. We stay the course when it works and correct when we need to because we believe it’s our diversity of ideas that will unlock Micron’s potential and amazing future.


Commitment 1: Increase hiring from non-traditional pathways and underrepresented groups.
Status: Needs attention

In FY22, Micron’s overall URG representation increased slightly to 36%. Our percentage of women increased for the fourth consecutive year to 31%. 

Owned by Executive Vice President of Technology and Products Scott DeBoer


Commitment 2: Drive equitable pay and inclusive benefits
Status: On track

In FY22, we maintained global pay equity and added Singapore Malay as a race/ethnicity category outside the U.S.

Owned by Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer Sumit Sadana


Commitment 3: Champion advocacy and strengthen our culture of inclusion
Status: On track

Our ERGs are now more than 18,000 team members strong, representing 39% of our global workforce and our inclusion index score rose for the third year in a row to 86%.

Owned by Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer and President of the Micron Foundation April Arnzen


Commitment 4: Engage with diverse financial institutions for cash management
Status: On track

In FY22, we achieved our goal to grow fixed income investments managed by diverse financial institutions to $500 million.

Owned by Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Mark Murphy


Commitment 5: Increase representation and spend with diverse suppliers
Status: On track

In FY22, we achieved a spend of $454 million with diverse suppliers, exceeding our goal of $404 million.

Owned by Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer Ben Tessone


Picture of April Arnzen, Micron Senior Vice President,Chief People Officer and President of the Micron Foundation
"The pursuit of an inclusive, diverse and equitable culture is a necessity for every high-achieving company. To us, it’s more than good business – it’s personal. Being inclusive is in Micron’s DNA and core to our vision and values. We want to hear all voices, all ideas and all perspectives. Everyone deserves to be heard, seen and valued no matter who they are or where they work."

April Arnzen

Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer and President of the Micron Foundation

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Micron Singapore: racial and ethnic diversity

As a global organization, Micron is equally committed to DEI wherever we operate around the world. To that end, in FY22, we included Singapore Malay as an underrepresented group and are disclosing our data for the first time. Malays represent 5% of our Singapore workforce.

Our employee resource groups

They are the cornerstone of our inclusive culture, igniting our innovation and engaging team members to activate their full potential.

Learn more about ERGs

Our awards and recognitions

Additional resources

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